Topic:  Balance

Topic: Balance

Lately I’ve been working on balancing my priorities, finances and relationships. What I’ve learned so far is that it can be overwhelmingly difficult... I’ve noticed that many factors can play negative roles in hindering my progress, consistency and time management when it comes to taking action to create new habits to bring balance. I've come to appreciate that a balanced life doesn't mean a perfect life. I've learned a balanced life is only balanced if we can overcome some of the many poor decisions that effect us. (whether made by us or by others that affect us)

What I've decided to do is write down some points that will remind me what I need to do to stay on top of my goal of achieving balance.

Here they are:

  • Never lose your natural animal instinct to survive. Think about the early years of life, as it was all about survival. Grant it, we have a lot of help but survival is all that matters. Even though we didn't know it at the time, we were surviving to live. Nothing else mattered ...

  • Get ahead of the pack; be stronger, smarter, and motivated. Attack everything in life like it’s a matter of life or death. Whether it’s reading a book, cooking breakfast, or an interview for a job; it’s necessary to have a mentality that you are willing to give your life to acquire what you want. Always remember, we have one life, you have everything to lose! Be sure that you know yourself, it’s important to know your limitations. It will give you the required information to find workarounds and understand when its important to walk away.

  • Once you have learned to survive and acquire the ability to adapt to any changing environment, you will need to be able to place yourself into a social institution. We are humans, therefore we have the ability to form social networks, where we can communicate, share resources, and help each other. Learn to get along with others. This doesn’t mean, to trust everyone, and be everyone’s friend. Learning how to get along is suffice.

The above is not a complete solution, but I will continue to add to it and modify it as necessary. As one important rule about balance, is to never allow your approach to it to get stale and prevent it from evolving. Change needs to be welcomed and embraced.