The new Journey begins - MSE Program

The new Journey begins - MSE Program

I'm officially starting the Masters in Software Engineering program at Cal State University Fullerton! I'm here at the airport waiting for my flight back to San Jose, Ca as I attended an optional orientation. I'm very happy my wife pushed me to attend the meeting as I was able to get a good sense of the amount of work and expectations the staff in the CS program at CSUF have and require. I also had the opportunity to network and meet some of my classmates that I'll work with on group projects through out the next 22 months. The program requires a total of 10 courses over 5 semesters and is fully online. I'll have to participate and self study most of the materials.

I admit, that I am feeling a little nervous as I know the workload will not be light. It will require lots of planning and coordination on my end. I'll have to set some weekly schedules to keep up with the reading and ensure I study for the exams. I'll surely need to define a process that will assist me in starting off on a good rythm as it will be a long journey. I hope to use this blog as a place for me to off load my ideas and vent and share my process.

As I prepare and begin reading, I already came across a nice quote:

"Poor project planning generally leads to unrealistic schedules, inadequate resources, and frequent crises"

Also, annotated a nice statement: "...None of these techniques will work if you’re dealing with unreasonable people."