El Periódico - Oct. 2018

El Periódico - Oct. 2018

October came and left. With so much going on in my school, work, and home life there wasn't too much extra time to spare with updating my blog. But now that I'm grabbing the bull by the horns, I do want to begin my El Periódico posts. The idea is to provide a recap of the month before on the first of each month. The goal will be to provide information that I can potientially use in a future request by me. =)

There is no real order of topics or categories, as I'm starting off in a free style manner. I'll cover topics in all areas of my life: being a husband, being a father, family, friends, gardening, soccer, tech, software engineering, drupal, java, android, hiking, tundra, sharp pencils, books, food, hats, going bald, tooth paste, movies, music, owning a beagle, being overweight, being sleepy, poker, wearing crocs, travel, planning, and more!

Hope you enjoy my random jargon!


It ain't what you don't know that hurts you -it's what you know that ain't so."

  • Mr. Dooley, Finley Peter Dunne's fictional philosopher

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