Iceland Trip - Northern Lights

Iceland Trip - Northern Lights

An experience that I will never forget. Heading to a remote location in Selfoss to watch the northern lights with my pregnant wife and son. Knowing that it would be a hit or miss on wether or not it would be possible to see them made me feel nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. We walked up a hill for about 150 meters and was asked to wait. No other details were given which made me think of the the phrase: "being in the dark" which I frequently use when given a update on rumors at work.

And then the moment came, as the tour guides started saying that the lights are starting to show. As I looked up I remember thinking it was not the spectacle that I had expected but was still somewhat ok with it but as the lights became low and pretty much short lived.


We were asked by the guides to wait a little longer as sometimes they come back. Some of the people packed up and went back down to seek comfort from the cold. But boy was I happy to comply and tough it out. The lights came back stronger and they even danced for us. Changing in color and shape. At some point the entire area looked as if it was on fire. I remember viewing them for about 20 minutes until I finally decided to take a few pictures. I quickly gave up trying to capture the lights from my camera as it was becoming more of a distraction than help. The good thing is the tour provided some cameras to allow us the opportunity to take a picture under the lights.

It was a bucket list experience that I will always remember. A story that will be shared for time to come...