Gearing up for World Cup 2018

Gearing up for World Cup 2018

My family and I have planned a trip to the World Cup in Russia this summer and we hope to finalize all of the travel plans this month. This post will highlight some of the activities that will be planned as well as useful links for anyone else with a similar plan.

Fan Fest in St. Petersburg

Koniushennaya Square, picked as the site of the FIFA Fan Fest in Russia’s northern capital, is very central. It is in line for a real combat test during the 2016 Ice Hockey World Cup, when it will accommodate the ice hockey fan fest. Koniushennaya Square at the crossing of Griboyedova Canal, Bolshaya Koniushennaya Ulitsa and Koniushenny Pereulok is fit to receive a maximum of 15,000 people a day during the 2018 World Cup.

Userful Links

Rules for entering Russia

Provides details on Visa-free entry as well as Visas required for Russia.