El Periódico - May 2019

El Periódico - May 2019

May was a quick moving month. I was able to attend the Google I/O conference and unfortunately, I didn't find it rewarding. I felt that the conference really segregates the attendees, location is horrible, and their approach on transportation did not work out well. This time around the people managing the special areas that highlight the Google Tech were not welcoming and gave off a vibe that they are just there because of an obligation. I think for the price that one pays, its best to take advantage of the online video streaming that Google offers rather attend the conference.


Local travel. No international or vacations.

Photos of the Month

I didn't capture much this month. =(


Don't count the days, make the days count.

  • Muhammad Ali

Random 1

Made the bold decision to join the gym. It was time and I'll have a 18 month commitment.

Random 2

Books I enjoyed this month

The Broken Spears
The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico
By: Miguel Leon-Portilla, Lysander Kemp

By: Gary Paulsen