Week 0 -Drupal 8 meets my CSUF Master's Project

Week 0 -Drupal 8 meets my CSUF Master's Project

I’m excited to take my first steps in defining, designing, implementing and project managing a new application that will provide a Support System to the Drupal community. As a first step I have two items that I need to prepare and research so that I can get started on the project to create a Drupal 8 Support System site. First, I need to learn best practices on git so that I can create an environment model with a 4-teir development process. This will allow me to push my code up from local to development, staging, and production. Second, I want to learn AWS and Azure so that I can decide on one of the cloud providers as the hosting service. Personally, I would use DigitalOcean, however I will need to make certain elements of the Support System available within our LAN so using Azure and/or AWS will allow me to achieve this a lot easier.

So far I've gone through learning how to create a Git repo that will be utilized by at least 1 developer but will support multiple. I do have to document this as a process for my organization so that I can ensure that all engineers follow the correct flow in checking in source code and ensuring that the master branch(main) is never compromised.

Below are links that I've used in my research and my next steps.

Top Links for this post:

https://www.drupal.org/node/803746 - Resource to learn about the git process and how to use it with Drupal.

Good post on Git in General.

Good Git comparison with CVS/Subversion. https://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/GitSvnComparsion

Next steps:

  1. Learn how to back up the configuration directories and files.
  2. Learn what to do with the Trusted Host Setting file in Drupal 8.