Life is difficult and we all know that. As I get closer to 40 years of age, I have realized that there is a certain lifecycle of how we can achieve balance. You may disagree, but through my experience I have found that these three factors play a really important role...


Never lose your natural animal instinct to survive. Your early years of life should all be about survival. Get ahead of the pack; be stronger, smarter, and motivated. Attack everything in life like it’s a matter of life or death. Whether it’s reading a book, cooking breakfast, or interviewing for a job; it’s necessary to have a mentality that you are willing to give your life to acquire what you want. Remember, you’re young, you have everything to lose! Be sure that you know yourself, it’s important to know ones limitations. It will give you the required information to find workarounds.


Once you have learned to survive and acquire the ability to adapt to any changing environment, you will need to be able to place yourself into a social institution. We are humans, therefore we have the ability to form social networks, where we can communicate, share resources, and help each other. Learn to get along with others. This doesn’t mean, to trust everyone, and be everyone’s friend. Learning how to get along is suffice. This is phase two, so assuming you have the necessary survival skills, you do not need to worry about people taking advantage of you, plundering your resources, because someone that has the ability to survive can read those people that try.

callback stage:

Entertainment looks to be the asynchronous callbacks that we experience as we live. Once we have our social networks in place, it becomes a time to of entertainment. Entertainment based on propuse, productivity, and/or healthy is strictly dependent on us. It seems that once we start learning to engage with others with similar likes and dislikes, we look for the entertainnment element of the interactions. It's important to always analyze who we entertain and who we allow to entertain us, as we can quickly pick up bad habits and change our course.