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World Cup 2014 - Recife

World Cup 2014 - Recife

. 1 min read

I never knew how much I would miss the feeling I felt in Brazil watching Mexico beat Croatia 3-1 in the final group stage match during the 2014 World Cup. As I go though my pictures, the image of the mostly empty stadium brings a nostalgia that reminds me why I love soccer so much. It reinforces why I spend so many hours thinking about it, learning about it, and even at 35, playing it. Soccer is an emotional journey and a soccer stadium only amplifies the emotion. It represents the capsule in which the hearts of many will be left paralyzed, wanting more, and/or sent home with a sense of accomplishment. That night, after I went back to take one last look of the field, I knew I had captured something special. It was a snapshot of the calm that one feels when you know you’ve witnessed something special.