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Week 6 thru 8 - Master's Project - Making Drupal 8 CI/CD

Week 6 thru 8 - Master's Project - Making Drupal 8 CI/CD

. 1 min read

Week 6 thru 8 has been a week of research, investigation, and recovering. Researching CI/CD, investigating best hosting, and with recovering; well, my system with the latest MacOS X OS software and Aquia DevDesktop seized to work because Apple decided to eliminate 32-bit software.

As I continue my exploration of Drupal 8, I'm now trying to solve several big questions:

  1. How to make the site CI/CD capable. There is a lot of information on the web on this and a lot of paid services that can do this for you in one click. My goal is to try and make this happen from scratch so that I can learn what it takes to make a Drupal 8 site have the CI/CD characteristics.
  2. Should I move away from Digital Ocean and get on the Azure/AWS/Google Cloud train.
  3. How to read and use the various automated tests that are completed on the Drupal 8 framework and how can I create them if I create custom modules.

Below is a list of the many links that has helped me through this process as well as the many youtube vidoes.