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Week 1 - Master's Project - Getting everything organized

Week 1 - Master's Project - Getting everything organized

. 1 min read

This is the beginning of my work for the graduate project and in the first week I've been organizing all of my tools, documents, resources and even configuring my laptop to get things in order so that I can craft a schedule and start work. I've decided to use a combination of a Microsoft Project document and Trello to manage my tasks and the schedule. I plan to abandon one and stick with the winner. The winner will be selected based on me being able to follow up consistently, enjoying the process of documenting and lastly the convenience factor.

  • Created OnDrive Directory for Graduate Project
  • Created GitHub Repository
  • Created Trello Board
  • Created Microsoft Project
  • Reviewed My Proposal

One of the big winners in this month is I got accepted to present ADD at a Drupal conference. Something that will really be used in my graduate project as I use ADD with architecting a Drupal site. You can check out this link to see my session information: