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San Francisco International Airport to Incheon International Airport

San Francisco International Airport to Incheon International Airport

. 1 min read

First day of my business trip has already reminded me of the struggles with travel. Everything from packing, driving to long term parking and to understanding the paths to take in other international airports where a different language is spoken and the writing on the walls (literally) are not spelled out.

The good thing is for the most part, technology makes it very easy to recover from a minor hiccup or lack of planning.

Currently I have a 4 hour layover in South Korea. (which I'm half way done) and have really enjoyed the airport. They have lots of things to check out and I was able to find a very yummy place to eat. I'm not sure what I got, but here is a picture:


Once I land in Narita, Japan I plan to take a bus to Tama-Plaza to meet up with my good friend Koji. I hope to have a nice lunch/dinner with him and then head over to my hotel for check in. Then tomorrow the fun begins! Or wait the work!!!!