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Life without the Capitalistic Mindset

Life without the Capitalistic Mindset

. 1 min read

Priorities are really hard to set if you don’t have a solid understanding of what you want out of your life. You have to understand that life is a nonstructural institution and will not allow you to freely get away with your bad habits. Life is about evolution and change and its important to understand this point. You have to evolve every aspect of your life. You have to do this with the mindset that you are doing this to ensure the quality of your life remains at a level that will allow you to wake up with a desire to live and to sleep with a desire to wake up. Stop thinking about all the things that you need and start thinking about all of the things that you can live without. See it’s very easy to operate on a daily basis with a capitalistic mindset.

What is a capitalistic mindset? It's the mindset that guides you to live by the ideals that are shaped and controlled by plunder, deceit, exploitation, and replacement. Look back at a relationship that didn’t work out; whether it was a friendship, boy/girl friend, husband or wife, and think if you committed actions that entailed such characteristics. Did you take away things in a selfish manner? Misrepresented the truth? Didn’t appreciate the hard work and even forced it upon the other? Sure of a new person to replace the current?

These errors that you might have committed are not a disgrace and I’m not here to judge. The disgrace is that we live in a society that will continue to promote such behavior. Next time you are with a friend or loved one, share those stories that highlight your relationship and allow nostalgia to promote healing and secure the relationship. It's a beautiful thing to live a life full of compassion, warm hearted, serving, respecting, and being selfless. Don’t search for the replacement if it's not needed. Especially if your better half or bestie treats you how you want to be treated.

Image reference: Geran de Klerk from Gävle, Sweden