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Japan Trip

Japan Trip

. 1 min read

Happy first of the Month! March 1st is here!

As I kick off March, I'm getting ready to head off to Japan on a business trip. I'm excited to go as it will be a very productive trip. I'll get to meet some very smart people (core engineers) and discuss next generation goodies. Nothing I can share here, but for sure my experiences which will be brought to you by the company of my travel gear:

  • A heavy weight 15 inch Mac Book Pro!
  • First generation pixel
  • A tough Tule backpack
  • An Anker power adapter
  • BOSE headphones
  • My Solar powered Seiko watch

Note: I'll try to use my phone as the primary source of content delivery. (I'm a laptop guy, but will try to see if my Google Pixel + Google Assistant + Ghost Blog Android App = easy to share info)