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Japan Business Trip Completed

Japan Business Trip Completed

. 1 min read

Today I complete my 5 day technical presentation sprint for my work's developer conference. I've had to fight several days of jet lag, end of winter weather conditions and the lack of my ability to speak Japanese... But luckily for me I can honestly say, it was part of the experience and I welcomed it fully.

For me, this kind of work excites me; the idea of preparing technical content and organizing it in a way that is meaningful and educational for an audience is challenging and requires lots of work. Also being able to engage with my counter parts in Japan so that both sides can learn from each other has lots of value.

I really enjoy the team I meet with as well. They are excellent hosts and assisted me in getting any travel administrative tasks handled. I can't thank them enough for allowing me to believe Japan is like a second home. The only thing I need to do is put in effort to learn the language. (Which I plan to do soon)

I hope to post some pictures of my 1 free day exploring Japan.