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Got my first Covid-19 Test

Got my first Covid-19 Test

. 1 min read

9 months into the pandemic and I've had to get a covid test to confirm if I'm positive or not.  The process was smooth and quick. I didn't have to wait in any lines nor did I have to leave my car. (Experience was with Kaiser)

Although we didn't have a big Thanksgiving feast, I realize that it's easy for the bubbles that we make up (different households, friends, family) to exponentially grow which is why in November we are seeing a huge spike in cases.  I fully understand now that we are in the home stretch and it's important for us to continue to stay strong and stay home.

What I've learned?

Like big organizations adapt their long-term goals, we have to consider doing that as we continue the Covid stay at home marathon.  We have to understand that once the world is safe again we can go back to living and interacting with others.  For me, I have two young kids and a wife at home so I have no excuse that I need social interactions outside of the household, however the Thanksgiving Holiday tested my emotional flexibility and caused me to make the wrong choice.  I succumbed to believing a small gathering was safe.  I learned that I need to be clear about my own emotions and thoughts on the changes that Covid-19 has brought to my life. In the future, that authenticity will allow me to be straightforward with others.