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El Periódico - April 2019

El Periódico - April 2019

. 1 min read

The month of April is always a special month as my son celebrates a birthday. We had a nice BBQ at our new house in the East Bay. It was a success as we had over 70 friends and relatives join us for good ole hotdogs and hamburgers.


ROAD TRIP to visit the neighbors up north: Seattle and Oregon.

Photos of the Month


Self-criticism is a sure sign of maturity and the first step toward eliminating any personal weakness. -MLK

Attended DrupalCon 2019 - Seattle, Washington

Got to attend another DrupalCon. It was the second one under my belt and I found myself really enjoying the environment and learned a lot of new information on Drupal 8. I also feel that I can deliver future presentations and hope to do so. I'm going to plan some talk tracks and presentation materials.

Audible Book of the Month

My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble
By: Dan Lyons

Unsplash Success