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Drupal 8 site from scratch

Drupal 8 site from scratch

. 1 min read
  1. Make a directory to house the Drupal 8 project and code
    a. mkdir [dir project name]
  2. Run composer
    a. composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev . --no-interaction
  3. Run .mkv-host script
    a. sudo ./mk-vhost-conf --set-hosts [domain name] --drupal
  4. Copy the Drupal 8 project and code to the vhost dir
    a. mv [dir project name] /srv/www/
  5. Set permissions to the new web dir
    a. sudo chown -R [username]:www-data .
    b. find . -type d -exec chmod u=rwx,g=rx,o= '{}' ;
    c. find . -type f -exec chmod u=rw,g=r,o= '{}' ;
    d. Change directory to the sites under the web dir
    e. find . -type d -name files -exec chmod ug=rwx,o= '{}' ;
    f. for d in ./*/files; do find $d -type d -exec chmod ug=rwx,o= '{}' ;; find $d -type f -exec chmod ug=rw,o= '{}' ;; done
  6. composer require drupal/access_by_entity drupal/address drupal/backup_migrate drupal/content_access drupal/ctools drupal/entity drupal/group drupal/pathauto drupal/permissions_by_term drupal/superfish drupal/token drupal/video_embed_field drupal/rules drupal/restui