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Happy Friday! Covid-19 Test Update

Happy Friday! Covid-19 Test Update

. 1 min read

Good news, I have an update from my Dec 2nd post. I checked out negative as there was no Covid-19 present in me. In the US, the cases are rising rapidly, and it looks like California will be shutting down again, only allowing essential businesses to operate. It will get tough also, and I hope our government can aid those in need and ensure people continue to have the necessities.

We are prepping for a long winter by ensuring we have the basics. We are also making plans to cancel any Christmas eve and day outings with families. We don't want to put others nor ourselves at risk.  I feel that we have sacrificed enough this year that it's essential to continue the cause to cease the spread of covid-19.  We have to think about how our actions can help the great community.  Even when leadership is not leading by example, we have to follow the science and do our part.